Mindful Consumption – simple techniques to make sure you buy with intention

What is Mindful Consumption?

to buy or not to buy…..

Have you ever been blown away by a certain piece of clothing, shoes or a home furnishing only to ask yourself later, “Why!?!? Why, did I buy this?”.
If so, you are not alone. Many others have done the same.

Pretty soon, the “newness” of your purchase wears off. You end up having more items to mind and clean which takes up your valuable time and energy.

Mindless consumption affects many of us. Fortunately, there is an alternative, mindful consumption.

Mindful consumption is the practice of carefully choosing what to want to buy.

What is wrong with mindless consumption?

Buying mindlessly can lead you down a slippery slope for a few reasons…

  • You end up getting too much stuff. Before you know it, you are spending more time taking care of your stuff and have less time doing the things that you want to do. You can also get bogged down with physical clutter. This can leave you feeling frustrated, confused, uninspired or tired.
  • Furthermore, buying without a plan will take a toll on your wallet. It may be better to spend money on an experience rather than another physical item.
  • In addition to the damage it can cause on your time and your wallet, consuming mindlessly is not good for our beautiful planet.

Our planet is sick and needs us to tread lightly on her. There is literally an island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean. All this is not good for fish, other marine life and is certainly not good for us.

The fashion industry, in particular, is the second most polluting industry next to oil and gas. Also, the fast fashion industry is also known for harsh and unfair labor practices.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to make sure you buy with intention.

1. For small items in brick and mortar shops, pay with cash rather than with a card. This will help you keep better control of how much you are spending.

2. When you purchase an item see if there is anything you could give away, donate or sell. This will help prevent you from accumulating things you do not need.

3. Make sure you have space for the item before you buy it.

4. Before you make a purchase, take a picture of the item and wait 24 to 48 hours before purchasing. This will help prevent you from making emotional purchases.

5. Lastly, cherish what you purchase. This might sound counter-intuitive but when you decide to make a purchase, go all in. Enjoy, love and use the item you purchased. All objects have energy and but treating them with kindness, they will last longer and serve you well.

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