Mindful Consumption Tip #2 (even if you are not a minimalist) – Fabric

Let’s talk about fabric

Even if you are not a minimalist, it makes sense to optimize your wardrobe.  It will save you time, money and much hassle.  Your fabric quality matters.  Also, your fabric maintenance matters,  you do not want to spend a bunch of your time and money laundering your clothes.  Keep in mind that the chemicals used by most dry-cleaners are bad for you and the environment.

Be mindful of the clothing items you purchase.  Here are a few questions you should ask prior to purchasing…


  • How is the quality of the fabric (thin, sturdy)? Will it last?
  • How is the stitch quality?
  • Will this piece of clothing last for more than one wash? Will the colors on the fabric bleed and fade?


  • How much time will I spend cleaning this piece of clothing?
  • Is the degree of maintenance (time and cost) worth it for me?

Other Important Questions (Versatility/Social Responsibility)

  • Is this piece of clothing versatile? Can I use it for several types of occasions or mix and match?
  • Does this company have a reputation for treating their workers well or poorly?
  • Is this fabric good for the environment? For example, leather tanneries are extremely pollution and often occur in places that have poor environmental regulations
  • Do I need this item in the first place?




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